Construction Manager at Risk

Reduce the risk and the headaches in construction by using the CMAR delivery method. This method can prove to be the most efficient for your institution. Trias Construction can provide this delivery method, but with the true competitive spirit in the subcontractor bidding process. LEARN MORE about how other contractors use your money to reduce their risk

Lump Sum Contracting

This delivery method, considered by many, the most cost effective. Trias Construction can provide this service without reducing our integrity, while keeping the customers needs and wants in mind. Trias Construction has a proven track record and good relationships., Just contact our references..... they'll tell you.

Design Build

Design Built provides property owners with one point of contact for the duration of the project. Shift the amount of procurement from your institution to us. True Design Build Projects require the spirit of team work. Trias Construction can put the right team together for your spcific project.

Professional Consulting Services

Are you missing the resources to manage contractors on a current project? Trias Construction can provide contract administration Services. Contact us for more details.

Preconstruction Services

Trias Construction can provide any type of estimating services, whether its a new project or repairs on an existing facility. We can help you provide the cost analysis needed for informed decision making.

Property Inspection, Maintenance & Repair Services

Trias Construction employees hold certified inspector certificates from the State of Florida. We offer a wide variety of services from feasibility (prior to purchasing a property) to preventive maintenance and repairs upon aquisition of the property, we can provide this service for Commercial and Residential properties.