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Trias Construction has been operating in Pasco County, FL since 2009, we are the largest commercial contractor in the County.  It's founders are tenacious, innovative and prepared for any undertaking. Our experience with small, medium and large construction projects, has given us the opportunity to take the best of each, and package it into one model that is good or our clients across many industries. With Trias Construction, every project will be overseen by it's Owners to obtain the highest quality at the lowest possible cost.

Educational K-12

Gila Ridge High School ($45M)

Hospitality Industry

Holiday Inn Express ($2.9M)

Law Enforcement / Detention

Land O Lakes Detention ($17M)

Corporate Enterprise

FedEx ($1.3M)

Colleges & Universities

St. Petersburg College ($9.2M)

Federal Government

Border Patrol Station ($17M)

Construction Manager at Risk

Reduce the risk and the headaches in construction by using the CMAR delivery method. This method can prove to be the most efficient for your institution. READ MORE.....

Design Build

Design Built provides property owners with one point of contact for the duration of the project. Shift the amount of procurement from your institution to us. READ MORE.....

Property Inspection & Repair Services

Trias Construction has State Certified inspectors for your property pre-purchasing needs. Find out what you are buying before you buy it. READ MORE.....

Lump Sum Contracting

This delivery method, considered by many, the most cost effective. Trias Construction can provide this service without reducing integrity. READ MORE.....

Professional Consulting Services

Are you missing the resources to manage contractors on a current or upcoming project? Trias Construction can provide contract administration Services. READ MORE.....

Preconstruction Services

Trias Construction can provide any type of estimating services, whether its a new project or repairs on an existing facility, READ MORE.....



City of Plant City Evaluation Committee selects Trias Construction for Multi-year Construction Manager at Risk contract of up to $4.0MM

Pasco County Board of County Commissioners awards 5-year contracto to Trias Construction for projects up to $5.0MM

The State of Florida Department of Juvenile Justice Selects Trias Construction for Construction projects in Central Florida Region. Projects will rage in size up to $4.0MM per project

Plant City Community Center Grand Openning Ceremony recognizes City Staff, Trias Construction and the Lunz Group for a successful project, click here


"Joe Trias... is trustworthy, honest and of good moral character" Captain Tim F. Shaw, Yuma Police Department.

"Joe Trias...managed a collaborative process, building trusting relationships among the school district, the architects, the City and Subcontractor" James Sheldahl, Gila Ridge High School, Principal.

"He has reflected to me, a high level of integrity and moral value, He is an honest and sincere individual with a work ethic that is admirable." Frank DiMartino, U.S. Department of Commerce Officer.

"Joe is a consummate proffessional; straight forward and honest in all of his personal and proffesional relationships" William G. Justice, Homeland Security Yuma Sector, Assistant Agent in Charge.